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  • Linh Doan

Canon EOS C70 – The perfect camera for video production?

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

What is the best camera equipment for a video production? It’s almost impossible to answer, as each production company has different needs. Recently, 2BIG Production, Video Production Company based in Hanoi, Vietnam, decided to invest in the Canon EOS C70 as main camera on set, to bring a high quality outcome for clients’ needs. Here are our personal review and shares about the Canon c70:

2BIG Production videographer holding a Canon C70 camera in hand

1. Overview:

Canon EOS C70 is a cinema camera with EOS system, RF mount, sensor Super 35mm DGO. This camera is capable of filming in slow-motion 4K 120p, HDR video and focus technology - Dual Pixel CMOS AF that build-in body.

· Technical:

- Super35 sensor DGO;

- Canon Log 2 / 3, PQ & HLG;

- Shooting in 4K120p, 2K 180p;

- RF and EF lenses;

Beside the original RF-mount lenses, Canon EOS C70 can be paired with the EF-EOS R 0.71x adapter, a very flexible and practical speed-booster for all the canon EF-mount lenses. This adapter allows to use full frame lenses into Super 35mm, keeping the automatic focus function, and recording in Full Frame format.

Canon C70 Camera on set on a tripod during filming

· Dual SD cards function:

The dual SD cards enable you to shoot with great flexibility, recording slow motion and multiple recording formats, to fit pretty much any workflow.

· Built-in ND filters

The built-in ND filters are a revelation to anyone coming from DSLRs or mirrorless cameras, and the 2-, 4- and 6-stop physical NDs (expandable to 10-stop digitally) perform brilliantly while only introducing a very minor effect on color.

· LCD screen:

The LCD screen is fully articulating, which is obviously ideal for videography, and the ability to rotate it 180° into “selfie mode” adds to the C70's flexibility. With a tap of the screen you can adjust white balance, the build-in ND filters, ISO, shutter, and all your assists such as peaking, waveforms and false color.

Closeup of Canon C70 camera during an interview filming

2. Who is this camera for?

In video production field, many companies are using canon c70for it’s practical design and easy-to-use functions, keeping at the same time a high quality outcome. Instead of using heavier cinema camera for big projects such as commercial, corporate film, etc… several production teams decided to go with the c70 as an optimal and practical solution for most needs. Besides, many professional content creators are willing to invest in the c70 to bring their content to the next level.

Closeup of Canon C70 camera on a gimbal, held by 2BIG Production videographer

3. The out-come

A few frames from 2BIG Production’s recent project with Canon C70:

Collage of sample shots taken with Canon C70 camera

Collection of outcome shots filmed with Canon C70 camera

Collage of an old Vietnamese woman drying tea leaves, taken with Canon C70 camera

4. Pros and Cons:

· Pros:

- Built-in ND filter,

- Automatic control ISO/Gain

- Long-Gop 4K/2K supported

- Small- design body

- 9x16 aspect ratio capability

- Strong battery (even with 4k resolution)

· Cons:

- With several different buttons on the camera’s body, C70 will make the less expert videographers or the ones used with DSLR a bit confused when changing the setting on-set without the technical guy’s support.

Canon C70 camera on a tripod with monitor, set up on set for a film recording

5. Conclusion:

The Canon EOS C70 is a mid-range cinema camera with a great quality outcome and a compact body, a perfect fit for filmmakers or production companies that aim to produce high-end products for their clients, without sacrificing portability and mobility.


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