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Updated: May 20, 2023

This article will help Amazon sellers to increase conversion rates up to 80%, after referring to a few extremely simple instructions: use videos effectively on your sales channel.

1. Why should we use video to sell on Amazon?

Customers want to watch video more than any other form, they want to see the product before they buy it. How it will be used, what are the benefits, and why they would want to buy. Video helps customers in a more intuitive and direct way, and especially it can bring EMOTION, to make purchases easier for viewers.

According to the statistical data of Web retailer, up to 90% of customers polled, they believe that video helps their purchase decision, and the conversion rate is up to 80% if the sales page uses a video that is approved by the website, and done properly.

2. What are the types/forms of sales videos?

- Lifestyle video: Shows how the product will be used practically by customers.(products such as bags, baskets, straws, household appliances)

- Unbox video: Unboxing and instructions on how to use it (eg electronic products, technology ..) - Installation video: Instructions on how to install a complicated product that customers may not know how to use

- Comparison video: compare the product with another similar one, to highlight the product's strengths

3. What's the secret to have a good video?

A good video, or a useful video, is when it helps the buyer to satisfy the following questions:

- What is your product? (customers are very lazy and have little time: if possible, show your product right in the first 3 seconds of the video)

- How does the product look? (Choose the best camera angles and lighting to show your product)

- How to use your product? What's unique about it? (instructing viewers on how to use it in a simple way, easy to understand)

- What value does your product bring to the user? (the most important part, tell/show a lot about why customers should buy your product)

Check out the video of a straw product below as an example:

Below here is the link to the longer version of the video (60 seconds)

4. Conclusion

- Creativity is unlimited, you can get inspiration on how to make videos for your products everywhere.

- Combine the video with a set of photos, so that customers get a complete overview of the product.

- Watch your competitors, learn and do better than them.

- Hire a video expert, you know your product best, and let the video maker bring it to your customers professionally, this helps to increase the value of your product in the eyes customer. Hope you guys sell a lot!


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