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Updated: Dec 27, 2022

If you are into the video production industry, there is nothing more satisfying than realizing a successful video.

Even if the process might vary based on the style, budget and client requirements, there are few main steps that need to be mastered in order to come up with a product that fully satisfies the client.


Director checking storyboard on a table during a brainstorming - Black and white photo

From the very first contact with the client, it’s important to understand their needs and create a good and clear concept that will make all the other steps involved much easier and smoother.

Here are the main processes usually involved during pre-production:

• First contact / Meeting with client (Strategy, vision, goals, target audience)

• Concept Proposal

• Budgeting

• Script & Storyboard Creation

• Casting

• Location Scouting and Permission Checking

• Equipment breakdown list

• Shooting schedule


Wide shot of filming production crew on set in a studio during filming

Where the magic happens: if you manage to prepare everything well during your pre-production, now it’s time to have fun and capture amazing footage!

When working in a team, at this point it’s very important that everyone is focused and has the same vision and clear ideas about the final product.

The main steps of production are:

• Set up / Rent necessary equipment (Cameras, Lights, Audio)

• Shoot video following the approved script

• Capture b-rolls and ambient sound for the editing process

• Conduct interviews, if any


Closeup of an editing screen from a computer

The post-production is where everything finally comes together, and you can turn a creative idea into a concrete and valuable product, and all your efforts pay off.

The key steps in Post-Production are:

• Import, select and organize the Raw footage

• Edit following the script and storyboard and creating the desired story

• Music Mixing and Audio Design

• Color correction and grading

• Deliver the drafts version & Feedback from the client

• Deliver Final Video

All the production steps mentioned above require time, effort and a perfect knowledge of all the key elements necessary at each stage.

As we said, each project is unique and different from the others, but if you manage to go through all these steps smoothly and professionally, and let the client understand what is really involved in a video production, apart from ‘press rec and shoot’, you are on the right road to success! 2BIG Production offers a complete solution for every need, helping you with planning and scoping your project from day one. With experience, passion and technology, 2BIG creates a large variety of products, with a full-array of services, to deliver the best quality in every format. Contact 2BIG Production and get your quote today:


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