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Videos come in all shapes and sizes—product demonstrations, team interviews, investor presentations, and more. The right video can have a huge impact on your company or brand.

While some of you may say that corporate video is no fun, it’s serious and boring. However, this is changing now as big brands, and small businesses have started moving to traditional corporate videos.

A corporate video is a powerful marketing tool that can help establish your brand and set yourself apart from the competition. A well-produced video will tell a compelling story that highlights what sets your company apart from others, why you should be considered as a part of their buying process, and how you plan on delivering high-quality customer service.

1. Know your target audience

Who is your ideal customer? How can you improve their life with your product or services? A great way to define your target audience is to create a fictional character based on them. Define their backstory, and detail what they are missing in life that your products and services can provide.

Videographer shooting interview video.

2. Establish The General Purpose of Your Video

The purpose of your corporate video is to tell your story. It’s what makes you unique and differentiates you from your competition. Your video should clarify who you are and build trust in your company by presenting a message that resonates with your audience.

Close up of the camera with microphone set up for the interview

3. Craft a specific message

A video can be anything from an advertisement to a strategy session and everything in between. The problem is, that we often approach video with the same target or goal regardless of what we’re trying to achieve. If you want to create a video that cuts through the noise of your competitor’s messaging and connects emotionally then you need to know exactly where you’re trying to go with it.

Behind the shoulder of the DP on set

4. Make an emotional connection

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. So leave some room for a deeper connection with your target audience. Explain how the product has been used, who’s using it, and why they love it so much. Provide some context for benefits, features, and functionality that are more about people than about dollars and cents

film crew shooting corporate video

5. Humanize your business

The business of selling and marketing needs a bit of humanity. In a lot of corporate videos, including your team member, staff, or employee is also a great idea. This offers an opportunity to humanize your company by showcasing employees from different departments and giving viewers the chance to meet someone from within the team.

2 videographers on set shooting interview

6. Promote your videos

The key to a successful video is getting it in front of people and keeping it there.

Once your video is ready for release, you’ll need to promote it. You have several ways to do this. To make sure you maximize exposure for your content, we recommend that you launch it on YouTube, share it across email and social media platforms, and pitch it to relevant PR outlets.

shooting video and recording audio at the same time

7. Let the professionals take over

When it comes to corporate videos, two things are important: great content and professional production. If you find these tips overwhelming or you might not have the right resources to execute and create your corporate videos, why not leave it to the professionals?

Hiring a video production company for your corporate video can be an invaluable asset. They are trained to create the best product possible, and they can provide insights on scripts, lighting, logistics, editing, and basically every nuance in the video production process.

behind the scene of the interview next to the window

2BIG Production is a Video Production in Hanoi, Vietnam, helping clients to plan and scope the project from day one. With experience, passion and technology, 2BIG Production creates a large variety of products including Corporate Videos. We offer a full array of services, to deliver the best quality in every format. Contact us to get your quote today and start empowering your brand.


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