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  • Anh Tran

Case Study Video in Vietnam: 5 things you need to know

Updated: Jan 11

Upon achieving success with your business in Vietnam, where your clients express satisfaction, it is opportune to create a 'case study video,' a 'success story,' or a 'testimonial video' that contributes to enhancing your brand image. However, you may find yourself pondering the process of contacting a videographer in Vietnam for production. What essential information should be gathered before initiating the booking of video services? This article is designed to address these queries and guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless and successful video production experience without unnecessary complications.

filming crew in a factory in vietnam shooting and recording audio of an engineer at the design table screen

1. Budgeting. 

You will need to know how much it costs for such a “case study video” production in Vietnam

The price can vary depending on the script, location, or other factors, but the average expected range goes from 4000$-8000$, which includes full production service:

  • Concept and Script

  • Filming

  • Editing with 2 revisions included

2. Get to know your client

Ensure proactive communication with your client well in advance, confirming their full cooperation and commitment to assist you wholeheartedly. In some instances, the success of the video project is heavily reliant on the active involvement and support of your client.

3. Main challenges

While the video industry in Vietnam is experiencing growth, it might in some cases lag behind that of Europe or the USA. The primary challenge lies in identifying a videographer or video company that comprehensively understands your requirements, minimizing the need for excessive back-and-forth communication through emails or calls. Finding a professional who can facilitate the achievement of your goals with efficiency remains a key factor.

4. Prepare an effective brief

Before initiating contact with any videographers or video production companies, it is crucial to prepare a comprehensive brief or request. The level of detail included in your brief directly correlates with the quality of the video production you can expect and the affordability of the services.

Outlined below are essential pieces of information to incorporate into your brief before reaching out to any online video production services:

  • Your company name

  • Video content description

  • Details about your client and products

  • Shooting location

  • Estimated duration of the shoot (whether it spans one day or more, especially if multiple locations are involved)

  • Deadline for delivery (indicating when you anticipate the final video to be completed)"

5. Choose the right Video Production Company

It's crucial to recognize that not all video productions align with your specific needs. Various videographers and production companies specialize in different areas such as commercial, wedding, or corporate projects.

Before finalizing your choice, thoroughly review their portfolio, either on their website or through other available channels. Ensure that their past works closely resemble the type of content you are seeking. Typically, those with a substantial portfolio of corporate projects are better suited for the creation of a 'case study video.'

Once you identify a suitable match, you can proceed with confidence and look forward to a productive collaboration.

behind the shoulder of a camera operator filming an interview

2BIG Production: Leading the Way in Case Study Video Production

2BIG Production stands out as the premier choice for case study video production in Vietnam, earning the trust of numerous global clients, including renowned names like Amazon, Cisco, Microsoft, Zoom, and more.

For your reference, you can explore some samples from 2BIG Production's portfolio to witness the caliber of their work in the videos below and on their official PORTFOLIO PAGE.


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