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Case Study: A Luxury Boutique Cruise Experience in Vietnam

Client: Heritage Cruises


Heritage Cruises is a 5-star cruise company that offers, on the Red River and the Gulf of Tonkin, the first Vietnam's boutique experience for international and local clients, with a fleet of vessels that combines classic elegance with comfort, showcasing the country’s history, art, cuisine, and culture.

5 stars cruise floating on Ha Long Bay


Heritage Cruises' marketing manager contacted 2BIG Production with a brief about their vision and mission: they wanted to create a video that could truly capture the core values and unique experience offered, showcasing the destination and the services on and off the boat, in a 3 minutes video.

After a few rounds of meetings to define the scope of work and script, 2BIG Team suggested producing an additional video, with a more creative style, more suitable to be published on social media and attract potential customers, along with a more informative version that would represent more in details all the experience from customers' perspective.

western tourist enjoys the trip on 5 stars cruise


While preparing the script for the video, 2BIG Production cooperated with a local casting agency to identify the right profiles for actors, following the target customer profile provided by the client.

The shooting took 4 days in total, with a crew formed by a producer, director, director of photography, videographers, light technicians, drone operator, make-up artist, talents on screen, and production assistant.

 Film crew shooting commercial with 2 torist

The equipment chosen was Canon-branded cameras (C300/C200/C70) with Canon lens kit, combined with Aputure lights and DJI Phantom 4 Pro V.20 drone. The post-production consisted of 3 rounds of constructive feedback from the client. After detailed editing, professional voice-over adding, and color grading, the final videos were delivered to the client with positive feedback.

DP is working on the set

THE WORK The videos were shared on all the official online media of the client: the creative version to attract and stimulate curiosity in the customer, and the standard one to inform and inspire them, with a successful response from the audience.

Standard Version

Creative Version

2BIG Production is a Top Video Production Company based in Hanoi, Vietnam. With its international working mindset and deep knowledge of the local environment, it became the chosen video production for global Tourism and Hospitality client.

From pre-production to final delivery to the client, 2BIGProduction creates high-quality products to empower the mission and vision of global brands, through the art of storytelling. Contract 2BIG Production to get your instant quote today:


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