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Filming in Vietnam: Why Vietnam is a Great Destination for Filming

Filming Crew in Vietnam in a tea field in Moc Chau

Are you looking for a filming destination that can offer you stunning scenery, rich culture, low cost, and friendly people? If yes, then you should consider filming in Vietnam. Vietnam is a country that has many advantages for filmmakers who want to create captivating and unique visual products. In this post, we will tell you why Vietnam is a great destination for filming, and how you can make the most of your filming project in this beautiful country.

Filming shot of local Vietnamese villagers walking in a plum tree garden

The Advantages of Filming in Vietnam

Vietnam has many features that make it an attractive filming destination for filmmakers from different genres and backgrounds. Here are some of the main advantages of filming in Vietnam:

  • Diverse locations: Vietnam has a variety of locations that can suit any theme or style of filming. Whether you want to film in urban or rural areas, mountains or beaches, historical or modern sites, Vietnam has it all. You can film in the bustling cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the majestic Ha Long Bay and Son Doong Cave, the charming Hoi An and Hue, the scenic Sapa and Da Lat, the vibrant Nha Trang and Da Nang, and the peaceful Mekong Delta and Phu Quoc Island. You can also find locations that are unique to Vietnam, such as the floating markets, the rice terraces, the ethnic villages, the war memorials, etc.

  • Rich culture: Vietnam has a rich culture and history that can add depth and meaning to your story. You can film in ancient temples, colonial buildings, royal palaces, pagodas, museums, etc. You can also interview local people who can share their stories and perspectives with you. You can learn about the traditions, customs, beliefs, festivals, cuisine, music, art, and literature of Vietnam. You can also explore the diversity of ethnic groups in Vietnam, such as the Kinh, Tay, Thai, Hmong, Khmer, Cham, etc.

  • Low cost: Vietnam has a low cost of living and production compared to other countries. You can save money on accommodation, food, transportation, crew, equipment, etc. You can also find local film fixers who can help you with film permits and logistics. You can get high-quality and professional services at affordable prices.

  • Friendly people: Vietnam has a friendly and hospitable population that can make your filming experience more enjoyable. You can interact with local people who are curious and helpful. You can also learn some Vietnamese words and phrases that can make your communication easier.

2BIG Videographer filming a Vietnamese villager harvesting plum from the tree

How to Film in Vietnam Successfully

Filming in Vietnam is not without challenges and risks. You need to prepare well and follow some rules to ensure your filming project goes smoothly and safely. Here are some tips on how to film in Vietnam successfully:

  • Apply for film permits and visas: Under Vietnamese law, all foreign production companies that will be shooting a film in Vietnam are required to obtain a film permit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) or Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism (MoCST). You also need journalist visas for each member of your crew. You need to submit documents such as synopsis, shooting plan, locations, contributors, passport copies, equipment list, etc. to MoFA or MoCST at least 15 working days before your arrival123.

  • Find local crew and equipment: You may need to hire local crew and equipment for your filming project, depending on your budget, schedule, and needs. You can find local crew such as directors, producers, DoP, sound engineers, video editors, etc. who have experience and skills in working with international filmmakers. You can also find local equipment such as cameras, lenses, lights, sound devices, drones, etc. that are suitable for your project. You can contact local production companies or film fixers who can help you source local crew and equipment14.

  • Work with a professional production company or film fixer: One of the best ways to ensure your filming project in Vietnam is successful is to work with a professional production company or film fixer who can offer you full production services or film fixer services. They can help you with all aspects of your filming project, such as planning and scoping, filming permits and visas, customs clearance of equipment, location scouting and management, local contributors and talent casting, local crew and equipment sourcing, transportation and accommodation arrangement, post-production and delivery, etc.

Behind the shoulder of 2BIG Production Cameraman filming a local Vietnamese villager in a plum tree garden

One of the production companies that we recommend is 2BIG Production in Vietnam - Full Services of Video Production and Commercial Photography ( They are a team of creative and reliable professionals who specialize in creating award-winning visual storytelling for corporates, brands, tourism, hospitality, and NGOs. They offer a full range of services, from planning and scoping your project, to producing high-quality and engaging products, to delivering the best quality in every format. They work with an international mindset and a deep knowledge of the local market. They are also experienced in filming documentaries,as we have seenin their case study above. Ifyou need a brand video, a commercial photo, a testimonial video or any other visual product, they are here for you.

Contact them today for a free quote and let them help you tell your story.

2BIG Video crew filming an actress in a bathtub on a luxury cruise in Halong Bay


Filming in Vietnam is a great opportunity for filmmakers who want to create visual products that stand out from the crowd. Vietnam has many advantages as a filming destination: diverse locations, rich culture, low cost, and friendly people.

However, filming in Vietnam also requires some preparation and assistance: you need to apply for film permits and visas, you need to find local crew and equipment, you need to deal with some challenges and risks.

That’s why we suggest you work with a professional production company or film fixer in Vietnam that can help you with all aspects of your filming project. One of them is 2BIG Production in Vietnam - Full Services of Video Production and Commercial Photography (, who have proven their expertise and quality in producing documentaries and other visual products.

We hope this post has given you some useful information and inspiration for filming in Vietnam.

2 Drone pilot teams lifting off a DJI Phantom drone in North Vietnam mountains

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

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