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Case Study: Supporting Local Communities in North Vietnam

Client: Australian Aid, Action on Poverty in Vietnam, GREAT


Australian Agency for International Development (Australian AID), is responsible for Australia's official development assistance to developing countries. Australian AID cooperated with Vietnamese partners Action on Poverty (AOP) and GREAT Ngo, to support local communities and contribute to environmental and cultural conservation.


AOP selected the profiles and proposals of different Video Production Companies in Vietnam through an accurate bidding process, choosing 2BIG Team as a trusted partner, thanks to its past experience with similar projects, and effective and engaging production proposal.

The project was intended to produce 2 videos in the Moc Chau and Van Ho districts, promoting community-based tourism to potential partners and donors, and raising awareness to the global audience.


2BIG Team cooperated with the local entities under the supervision of Australian Aid, to create the script ideas and draft the production plan.

The filming team performed a site scouting to organize and plan everything at the best, before the actual shooting, which lasted 4 days in total.

On the field with representatives from the client's side, 2BIG Team collected interviews and filmed the communities during their daily activities and interaction with community-based tourists, to showcase the positive impact of the project on these selected communities.

During post-production, 2BIG editors' team finalized the videos conveying the mission and vision of the overall project, in a final product that matched the client's expectations in terms of quality and delivered messages.


The videos were shared on all the official online media of the client, contributing to the testify how the project is improving the living condition and livelihood of these communities, in the present and for generations to come.


2BIG Production is a Top Video Production Company based in Hanoi, Vietnam.

With its international working mindset and deep knowledge of the local environment, it became the chosen video production for global NGOs and Government Organizations who are implementing projects to support the local communities in Vietnam.

From pre-production to final delivery to the client, 2BIG Production creates high-quality products to empower the mission and vision of global brands, through the art of storytelling.

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