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Producing a branding video for HaLong cruises

Producing a branding video for HaLong cruises

Tips for producing branding video for Halong cruises

by Anh Tran - Our Film Director

Today’s article is by Anh Tran, our producer and film director in Ha Long Bay. With is multi-year experience in making videos for Halong Bay Cruise brands, he is able to share some useful tips and tricks on how to create a great brand video for Halong Bay Cruises. This is helpful if you are looking to attract more customers, especially now that the tourist season is about to start, and brands need to be ready to promote themselves at best.

Note: this short guide is intended for official brand videos with a budget of over 180 million VND (7,500 US$). For smaller videos with a budget of a few tens of millions, it’s better to hire a smaller team or a solo videographer to do it, as it does not serve the main purpose of branding video

1. Why Making a Brand Video?

To show off your boat's unique style. There are countless boats in Halong Bay, so how can you let customers know how your boat's style is different from thousands of other boats? For example, your boat may follow the old Indochina style, the luxurious European style, or the party style targeting young customers. A brand video helps customers understand what the boat's style is, so they can choose according to their travel preferences. If your boat has its own style, you need to convey this message, and there is no better way than making a brand video.

Producing a branding video for HaLong cruises

2. How is a Brand Video Different from Regular Video?

It's more elaborate to make, because you have to come up with a concept and script idea that matches the product, edit it several times to suit the boat's brand requirements. People in the film industry call it "pre-production". next step, production, is even more complex. Since it's a brand video, it must be filmed at state-of-art level and the equipment must also be high-quality. Actors also needs be carefully selected, and the editing must include full copyrighted music. All these factors lead to higher production costs.

3. Why is Making a Video for Boats Harder than Other Types?

Because the boat is sailing on the water, making a video in Halong Bay is very different from making a video for a hotel or resort onshore. The filming schedule is greatly affected by natural factors, such as tide and weather. These little things will have a huge impact on filming time, leading to the quality of footage and production costs. Therefore, a good film crew will need a producer who understands these things to optimize production time and lead to cost optimization.

Producing a branding video for HaLong cruises

4. How to Choose a Good Team to Make a Boat Video?

Look at their profile, but pay attention to the relevant past jobs that they have done FOR BOATS. Look for companies/individuals who make videos with official websites, and their products are officially posted on that website. Sometimes, individuals even use other people’s products as their portfolio, so checking the origin of the portfolio is necessary.

Producing a branding video for HaLong cruises

5. Conclusion | Tips: Producing a branding video for HaLong cruises

In addition, there is one last factor, a bit of personal and artistic feeling, that is the sense of the travel filmmaker. With the development of camera technology, we can easily find very beautiful filmmakers. But to make a travel video with the "sense" of travel, we will need other factors. For example, choosing the appropriate settings or camera angles that inspire travelers. Not every beautiful video is a video that matches the spirit of serving travelers.

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