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Updated: May 5, 2023


Whether you're a marketing manager or a senior executive, it's likely that you've already seen the importance of video in business communications. But have you considered how storytelling can elevate your video production? Consider this scenario: you're introducing a new product to your customers via an online video. If all you do is show off the product and its features, chances are that most people won't be impressed by what they see. However, if you use storytelling techniques to tell an engaging narrative about how someone used this product to solve their own problem - and ultimately improved their life because of it - you'll build trust with your audience and increase engagement with your brand.

behind the shoulder of a videographer filming a model at sunset

Stories can help you capture attention, communicate and deliver emotion.

Stories are a fundamental part of human nature. They help us understand our place in the world, make sense of our past and future, as well as providing context for what surround us in the present. Because of it, storytelling is a powerful tool that can be used to capture attention, communicate ideas and deliver emotion. Stories are more effective than data. They're also more memorable: "Repeated exposure to stories can make people more likely to remember the information that was presented in them," according to the Harvard Business Review.

Stories are often used as a way of explaining complex concepts or delivering emotionally driven messages - think TED talks or commercials for car insurance companies that paint a picture of what would happen if your family was left without you behind the wheel (spoiler alert: it's not good).

Storytelling can communicate complex information in a way that's easily understood.

Storytelling is an effective way to communicate complex information. When you tell a story, you're using language in the same way that people have been for thousands of years: by telling each other stories. It's natural, and it can help us understand things better than simply listing facts or figures.

Here are some examples of how storytelling can be used:

  • To explain complex ideas (like why an organization needs to change)

  • To make abstract concepts feel more real (like explaining how climate change affects farmers)

Storytelling is universal.

Storytelling is a universal language. Stories are shared and understood across cultures, which means that storytelling can help you communicate with people from all walks of life. Stories are also an effective way to deliver emotion and meaning - you don't have to be able to speak the same language as someone else in order for them to understand your message and connect with it.

The use of storytelling techniques in video production will make your audience relate to you and build trust in your brand or product.

Video production is an essential component of modern business communications.

Video production is an essential component of modern business communications. Businesses can use video to communicate complex information, share their story and deliver emotion, connecting with their audience on a deeper level.

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