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CASE STUDY: Educational video production for the disadvantage children in the North of Vietnam

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Client: Library For All - Australia


Library For All is an Australian educational organization, currently developing an online video lecture program for disadvantaged children in the North of Vietnam. The program aims to support children to have access to educational instruments, helping them to prepare for future opportunities.


After contacting 2BIG Production, Library For All clearly expressed their brief including the purpose and vision, desired deliverables, brand information and guidelines, target customers, and video-photo references on desired outcome.

100 lecture videos including:

- 60 live action videos

- 40 animation videos

- 20 songs


After the contract was signed, 2BIG team jumped into the pre-production stage including preparing the scripts, working with the teachers, the 2D animation team, performing location scouting, and producing engaging songs for kids to learn while having fun.

This process helped the client to visualize and have a clear idea about the final outcome.


2BIG team implemented the project within two months and divided into 2 team doing different tasks at the same time. The live action video team with film crew and teachers recording at the studio location, while the 2D team handled the animation videos.


Shooting at the studio

Shooting on set with camera and light equipment

Closeup  of camera during video recording, with talent on screen

Videographer and director during shooting with talent on screen

Screens from finished videos

Screen samples of the final educational videos

Screen samples of the final animated videos for educational project

Samples of final videos screenshots

Screenshots of final live action videos samples

2BIG Production is a Video Production in Hanoi, Vietnam, helping clients to plan and scope the project from day one, taking care of:

  • Concept and Goals Development

  • Location Scouting

  • Script Writing

  • Casting

  • Production Scheduling and Planning

  • Budgeting

With experience, passion and technology, 2BIG Production creates a large variety of products:

  • Brand Videos

  • Commercial Photography

  • Corporate Videos

  • Event Videos

  • Testimonial Videos

  • Commercial Videos

2BIG Production offers a full-array of services, to deliver the best quality in every format.

  • Editing

  • Color Correction

  • Color Grading

  • Audio Master

  • Sound Design

  • Professional Voice Over Recording

Contact 2BIG Production to get your quote today and start empowering your brand.


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