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  • Anh Tran


Updated: Dec 27, 2022

If you are looking to create a small-to-medium film project in Vietnam, with a production budgets of 500$ to 5000$ (for projects such as: corporate video, promotional video, event video, music video), you generally would have brought in camera crews from the West, but now you can hire an entire staff directly in Vietnam at a lower cost, keeping the same quality.

Cinematographer shooting video in a kitchen with chef working in the background

The World is getting smaller and smaller with the development of the internet and social networks. In addition to that, the level of filmmaking skill and English speaking of young filmmakers in Vietnam is now getting better than ever, compared to other countries in the same Southeast Asia region.

All you need to do is to spend a little time on social network sites where filmmakers are active: feel free to join and communicate in English, because this is the common language in these communities.

Some channels that you can refer to are:

1. Filmmakers in Vietnam:

This is the largest social networking community in Vietnam, the participants here are diverse from event videographers, wedding videographers to cinematographers.

2. Vietnam Creative Circle:

This group includes general creatives, including filmmakers, designers, architects. And that includes both local creators as well as expats living in Vietnam

3. Cinematography community (Trà đá Cinema) :

This group is smaller than the "Vietnamese film-making community", but it focuses more on cinematographers, directors, and scripts for the film industry and professional filmmaking.

Director and videographer filming waiters in a restaurant

What to do next after finding a few potential candidates:

1. Check their work through their website. A trustworthy filmmaker is sure to have a serious website, whether a freelance cinematographer or a production company. Don't work with someone who just sends you video links or profiles via google drive link.

2. Video/phone call to talk. This is the last important step to understand more about the filmmaking service provider as well as his English. Good communication is the first key to a successful partnership!


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