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Updated: May 5, 2023

Client: ZWSoft - VNAS THE APPROACH ZWSoft is a Chinese Software Company that provides All-in-One solutions with self-developed software and simulation technologies. In their politics of expansion in the global market, they were looking for media products to showcase their successful case studies, to inspire and empower other potential clients worldwide.

Behind the shoulder of videographer talking with worker during the filming in a factory

CLIENT BRIEF ZWSoft is the trusted provider of VNAS, a Vietnam-based tech company in robot systems and services. To illustrate the success of their cooperation, the client scouted several Video Production Companies to find the perfect partner to produce an effective testimonial video, to present the mission and vision of the company, and the tangible results of the cooperation between ZWSoft and VNAS. 2BIG Production, due to its expertise in similar videos for global clients, was chosen as the perfect solution provider and put in charge of the whole project production.

Behind the scene of filming crew in a factory, with audio boomer, videographer and director

THE PRODUCTION After a few rounds of pre-production meetings with the client, the storyboard and interview guidelines created by 2BIG Production had been approved and finalized by the client. A one-day site scouting was performed to make sure that everything was prepared best for the two shooting days, in three different locations. Producer, director, cinematographer, audio technician, and light technician were on set, together with the marketing team from the client's side, to film all the interviews and b-rolls for the video. The editing process consisted of 3 rounds of feedback from the client side and was completed after taking care of editing, sound editing and mixing, color grading, interview transcription, and final retouches.

Close up out of focus of a camera capturing a technician at work, with boom mic in the frame

wide angle behind the scene shot of videographer filming a technician at work at desk, with factory machines in the background

behind the scenes of video crew filming a technician at computer, with boom mic audio and videographer

THE WORK The video was shared on all the official online media of the client, representing an effective testimonial video and the perfect case study video that embraces the purpose and goals of the client's marketing plan. The quality of the visuals and style, and the direct and impactful message delivered in the video, illustrate a successful case study and the importance of the video as perfect media for a marketing strategy of a global corporate brand.

2BIG Production is a Top Video Production Company based in Hanoi, Vietnam. With its international working mindset and deep knowledge of the local environment, it became the chosen video production for global Corporate Brands that are looking to find the perfect solution for their marketing plan. From pre-production to final delivery to the client, 2BIGProduction creates high-quality products to empower the mission and vision of global brands, through the art of storytelling. Contact 2BIG Production to get your instant quote today:


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