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Updated: May 5, 2023


Video editing is really just problem solving. The more you understand the tools, the easier it is to solve the problem

Editing video will help you share your story more clearly and effectively with viewers who may not have the patience to watch an hour-long video in its entirety.

Video editor is working at the editing room

Choose an editing platform.

The first step to editing video faster is choosing a platform that's designed for video editing. You want to look for one that has the features you need, as well as being easy to use and having a good reputation.

If you're not sure where to begin, here are some popular options:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro (for Windows and macOS)

  • Apple Final Cut Pro X (for macOS)

  • Da Vinci Resolve (for Windows and macOS)

Define your goals and time frame.

Before you start editing, it's important to know what your goals are and how much time you have. If you need to get something done quickly, make sure that all the equipment is ready and available. If not, then plan on spending more time editing than expected.

Know your story.

When you're editing video, it's important to know the purpose of your video and what exactly you want to achieve with it. This will help guide your decisions about what shots should be used and how they should be cut together.

The most useful video editing software - Da Vinci Resolve

Find the right audio source material.

Audio is a key element of video, and it can be used to set the mood, add emphasis and tell the story.

  • Audio can be used for drama: A crash, gunshot or scream can make your viewers feel like they're watching something dramatic.

  • Audio can be used for humor: Add jokes or funny clips into your videos to lighten up what might otherwise be a serious topic.

  • Audio can create urgency: Use fast-paced music with lots of percussion so that viewers feel like they have no time to waste on what you're saying -- they need to act now!

Editing will go faster with the right tools and knowledge of your project goals

To edit faster, you need to know your editing software. You should have a good grasp of all the tools and features it offers. This means that you should know how to use each tool and its effect on your video footage.

Hire a professional editor.

Hire a professional editing service of production company like 2BIG Production.

If you're looking to get your videos edited quickly, hiring a professional editor is the best way to go. A good editor will:

  • Know what they are doing.

  • Have the right tools and software for the job (and know how to use them).

  • Be able to work with corporate clients on tight deadlines with ease because their experience doing so has taught them how to be efficient - saving you both time and money!


With the right tools and knowledge of your project goals, you can edit video faster than you ever thought possible.

editing workstation with laptop and monitor under blue light

2BIG Production is a Vietnam Video Production Company that offers a true boutique experience to its clients. With its international mindset and deep knowledge of the local market, 2BIG Team is ready to create a state-of-art product personalized to your real needs and expectations.

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Mar 29

Thanks for the tips! I understand you are an expert in this field, then maybe you could record a couple of videos about video editing? I think you should have no problem using free screen recorder and create 2-3 videos on this topic? I would be very interested to know how you edit videos on your own example

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